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VIVA is an international trade companylocated in Guangzhou China. The company has a long history of internationaltrades with many regions of the world. We have a well established trading andmanufacturing relationships/partnerships with many countries in South America,The Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Africa. Viva trading usually actsas the representative of its international customers in identifying productsourcing in China. Although we produce various building material products, outtrade business covers almost every kind of products in China and the Far Asia. Ourteam of professionals devote their time to work with customers at selecting thehighest quality products at very competitive pricing. Our objective is to meetand exceed customer expectations as we practically conduct business on theirbehave as if it is our company. In situations when the customer is not surewhat product they need, we will take their requirement and recommend theproduct or a range of products to meet their need. In other words, clientsconsider Viva trading as an extension of their company in China and the FarEast. We have always saved our customers multiple factors of our modest fee.

We are always open for new relationshipswith well respected companies and welcome new friends from all over the worldto establish new business relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. 

1- Concept
It is our trade policy to trade on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods. We have been made great effect to satisfy our customers, in addition to concern about their potential demand in the meantime.

2- Honesty
All the information would be kept confidential as per request.

3- Our original business mode
Our service include whole processes of trade(open up new items, purchase, QC, packing, shipping and so on) could steam line your complicated trading process and reduce your cost.

4- Flexible measures
Our trade policy is rather flexible and set for the purpose of satisfy customers accordingly, our service is efficient, economic and apply to your request completely.

To get a common prosperity is Viva Trading Company Limited's goal. We warmly welcome friends all over the world to establish business relations based on Mutual Trust & Mutual benefit!



 Tel: + 86-20-83713224

 Fax: + 86-20-83828561

E-mail: info@viva-trd.com


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