VIVA is a foreign trade company of respectability. Its business has increased dramatically. we have close trading relationship with many countries in South America, Middle-East, Eastern-Southern Asia, Europe and Africa.We represent them to do some sourcing from China. We buy almost...


Who is it For?

Anyone with a need to ensure suppliers and product quality in China, from entrepreneurs to multi-national retailers.Viva Trading serves clients from all industries, with specialized teams defining the right testing protocols for your product.

How Does the Service Work ?

1. Client sent a requirement.
2. Help to do the resourcing.
3. Make a order sign the contract.
4. Inspections quality control.
5. Organize shipment.
6. Market serves.

How to manufacture in China ?

We can be your offshore outsourcing service provider. Upon request we can give you an estimation of manufacturing cost in China. We can handle everything or just parts you may require.And when it comes to quality assurance you will find are QC services second to none. We have a passion for excellence and quality in manufacturing. Try us.




 Tel: + 86-20-83713224

 Fax: + 86-20-83828561

E-mail: info@viva-trd.com


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